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Thermocouple Attachment - What works

Posted on Mar 05, 2009

Much has been said about various thermocouple attachment methods and how well they work.

What are some common methods of attachment?

  • Kapton tape
  • High temperature solder
  • Aluminum foil – adhesive backed
  • Aluminum foil – adhesive backed – framed in Kapton tape
  • Copper foil – adhesive backed
  • Epoxy – air or uv cured
  • Temprobe(r) - reusable adjustable probe
  • Sticky T/C – reusable tape – adhesive backed

"How well they work" depends.

  • Are they easy to attach? - How long does it take to make a good connection
  • Are they easy to remove? – Is the thermocouple or product damaged during removal
  • How stable is the attachment ?- Can I get consistent results over repeated measurements
  • How accurate is the measurement ? – Does the attachment method interfere with the measurement
  • Cost – What do the attachment materials cost
  • Can the attachment materials be reused?
  • Can the thermocouple be reused after removal?
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