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The ECD Thermosphere Collective IQ is a collaboration of shared intelligence with Thermal Measurment as the primary focus.


ECD M.O.L.E.® Thermal Profiling - Reflow Profile

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Total Heat – Another way to analyze your thermal profile

Posted on Jan 21, 2011

One of the most popular ways to determine if a thermal profile of an electronic assembly is within specification is to consider the limits placed on four measurements or parameters: Initial Ramp Slope, Soak time, Time Above Liquidus and Peak temperature. Keep these four parameters within the specified (solder paste) limits and you can be assured that you are soldering the parts without damaging them.
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On Reflow Soldering

Posted on May 03, 2010

You know, at ECD we have been in the thermal profiling business for over 25 years. Most of what we profile is the reflow soldering process. There are many others like wave soldering, baking, drying, curing, and a host of other industrial temperature process. Still, reflow soldering is the most popular use for a thermal profiler like the MOLE. And yet, most of what can be found on the subject of reflow soldering, at least on the web, focuses on specific portions of the reflow process and not on the entire process as a whole.

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The Fastest Way to Know Your profile is “OK”

Posted on Feb 25, 2010

Now there is a way to verify that your profile requirements are being met in less time than you ever thought possible. The letters in the name M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler have always stood for Multi-channel Occurrent Logger Evaluator. Now the patented* "OK button" feature truly makes "E" in M.O.L.E. a reality, because now the MOLE profiler can automatically compare the measured temperature profile to your pre-programmed profile requirements.

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Why do an Oven HealthCHECK™? Why Calibrate Instruments?

Posted on Jan 27, 2010

Why do an Oven HealthCHECK™? Why Calibrate Instruments?

You might ask, why should I perform an Oven HealthCHECK? In other words, why should I run a rather sophisticated measurement system through my oven to produce a rather nice looking 3-D plot of the cross belt temperature uniformity?

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