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Profiling ovens and processes with multiple conveyor speeds

Posted on Sep 29, 2009

Ovens used in the metallization of solar cells can have 20 or more heating and cooling zones. These ovens can become quite long if the conveyor speed in the initial curing and final cooling sections are the same as the firing section. By speeding up the conveyor speed in the firing section the oven can be shortened and temperature of the cells can be increased and decreased more quickly.

Multiple conveyor speeds are also encountered in food processing lines where the food product passes through a several machines running at different speeds.

ECD’s newest profiling software can accommodate multiple conveyor speeds. Most profiling software assumes the SolarCellMetalizationProfile Solar Cell Metalization Time-Temperature Profile conveyor speed in all zones is the same. ECD’s new M.O.L.E. MAP® software version 2.18a allows entry of a different conveyor speed for each zone.

Proper positioning of oven zones on profile time-temperature data requires accurate knowledge of the conveyor speed. By knowing the sampling interval, length of each zone and the conveyor speed one can calculate how many temperature samples “long” a particular zone occupies.

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