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ECD Thermosphere Collective IQ

The ECD Thermosphere Collective IQ is a collaboration of shared intelligence with Thermal Measurment as the primary focus.


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WaveRIDER® SPC & OvenRIDER® SPC Process Capability

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

A process capability index is a standard measure of how a process compares with its specification limits-how a process is performing relative to how it is supposed to perform. As opposed to the control chart, which shows detailed information about how the data compares with control limits, a capability index is a summary of how the data compares with the specification limits.

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Is there a Viewer for other users to read data?

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Data/graphics/set-up configurations can be quickly formatted into a single page report template, and then printed as a .pdf file for e-mail attachment. One-button Excel export feature allows all data tabs to easily be sent to MS Excel

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