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The ECD Thermosphere Collective IQ is a collaboration of shared intelligence with Thermal Measurment as the primary focus.


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Thermal Profiling and Vapor Phase Soldering

Posted on Sep 09, 2010

There has been some new talk by some of the best quality conscious electronic manufactures about the many benefits of an older soldering process: vapor phase soldering. Vapor phase soldering has a lot of good things to offer, now that we have gotten past the stigma of the old CFC fluids and moved on to newer chemistries. The maximum temperature that the assembly can be subjected to is dictated by the boiling point of the fluid being vaporized. Because the boiling point of the fluid is a physical constant, you might think, “Why bother running a thermal profile on the assembly being soldered.” This idea should be considered carefully, and here are some reasons why thermal profiling in vapor phase soldering is still a very good idea: 1. Although the boiling point of the vapor phase fluids is a physical attribute that limits the maximum temperature, the condensation of the fluid onto the components can impart a lot of heat, real fast. This can subject components t ...
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Posted on Jun 28, 2010

Yes I know, I’m ripping off the Car Talk radio program name, the truly funny call-n show where two well educated brothers have the best of fun giving advise (correct for the most part) to their call-in victims about everything from car repairs to personal relationships. If you’ve not heard the program, find your local NPR radio station and check it out. And also, I’m following on the heels of Board Talk, a web based collection of questions and answers by two respected members of the electronic assembly community who do a nice job (in a “Car Talk” like format) of answering many common questions submitted by followers of the Circuitmart web based electronic assembly resource.
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On Reflow Soldering

Posted on May 03, 2010

You know, at ECD we have been in the thermal profiling business for over 25 years. Most of what we profile is the reflow soldering process. There are many others like wave soldering, baking, drying, curing, and a host of other industrial temperature process. Still, reflow soldering is the most popular use for a thermal profiler like the MOLE. And yet, most of what can be found on the subject of reflow soldering, at least on the web, focuses on specific portions of the reflow process and not on the entire process as a whole.

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