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The ECD Thermosphere Collective IQ is a collaboration of shared intelligence with Thermal Measurment as the primary focus.

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Diverse Needs, Diverse Solutions – We’ve got an App for That!

Posted on Mar 29, 2010

How many different MOLE profilers and Test Pallets does it take to monitor a reflow solder machine? It depends on who you are and why you are monitoring it? We just want to make sure there are as many tools as there are reasons for running a thermal profile. Here are a few good reasons:

  1. "I'm from the Metrology lab and it’s time for the annual calibration of your reflow oven."
    We've got an app for that. After you've finished with the oven’s calibration procedure, you can run the MEGARIDER 20 with a Process Test Pallet to see if the machine is uniform across the conveyor width and has the same heating capacity as it did the last calibration or maintenance.
  2. "I'm the Manufacturing Engineer and our QC Department wants me to show that this oven is in control."
    We’ve got an app for that. You probably need more information than the once a year Metrology profile can provide. So weekly you can an OvenRIDER and see that every zone in the oven is performing the same using X-Bar R charts to prove it.
  3. "I'm on the New Product introduction team and I need a good recipe to solder a new board without killing the parts."
    We’ve got an app for that. The Super M.O.L.E.® Gold thermal profiler will let you connect T/Cs to the board to see exactly what’s going on, thermally, on the areas where you and the designer have the most concern. Use the Prediction tools in the new MAP software to lock in the perfect recipe.
  4. "I'm a Line Technician and I have to know my reflow oven is ready to run product without all the wires and circuit board stuff."
    We've got an app for that. OvenCHECKER is one pallet loaded with the most powerful profiler on the market today. It takes no more time to run than the first production board and it lets you know if the reflow oven is ready or not. No downloading, no comparing numbers on a chart, just Go, or No-Go.
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