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  • How do I install M.O.L.E.® MAP software from the downloaded file?​

    For M.O.L.E.® MAP installation instructions, refer to the ECD MAP Software visual tutorial

  • How do I calibrate my M.O.L.E. Thermal Profiler?
    • Send your M.O.L.E.® Thermal Profiler in to the ECD Service Department. Fill out this RMA Form to proceed.
    • To calibrate your M.O.L.E. Thermal Profiler, use procedure: M.O.L.E.® Calibration
  • Why doesn't the USB/RS-232 Serial adapters work when I use it with the M.O.L.E. communication cable.
    • Over 80% of the available USB/RS-232 Serial adapters are not compatible. Use only ECD approved P/N: Y23-7782-10 (Quatech SS-USB-100).
  • Why is the M.O.L.E.® locked up? (lights are on and the unit won't turn off or communicate with the PC)

    The M.O.L.E.® may need to be reset (Press and hold the OK button for a minimum of 15-20 seconds)

  • What M.O.L.E.® communication cable do I connect to the PC?

    The USB Type A Plug

  • What does "MOLE" stands for?

    M = Multichannel – more than one temperature measurement input

    O = Occurrent – events that happen (or occur) at the same time

    L = Logger – a recording instrument

    E = Evaluator – one who makes a judgment, as in the “OK” button on SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2,MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20, and V-M.O.L.E.®

  • What is MEGAM.O.L.E.®20?

    MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 is ECD’s breakthrough profiler (hardware/software) offering. It features 20 channels measuring at increased resolution, withstanding higher temperature, detachable I/O Pod (smart module), and offers the unparalleled MAP software.

  • Why should I upgrade to a MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 profiler?

    Upgrade is a likely option for those who:

    • Need “mega” channel sampling (20)
    • Need the greatest way to manage the TC mess created by 12+ channels
    • Need a thinner and/or narrower form factor due board width or oven constraints
    • Need the enhanced benefits of the MAP software
    • Need the most sophisticated profile/SPC analysis software on the market
    • Would like the most economical way to provide that software to their existing SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold profilers
    • Want to know they have the finest profiler on the market
    • Like the coolest stuff available
  • The software appears to be locked up when trying to communicate with the MEGAM.O.L.E.® Profiler.

    The USB driver may be faulty. Please contact our support

  • Why does the M.O.L.E. MAP software display an "Improper Argument" error?
    • Download & Install the latest version of M.O.L.E.® MAP Software
    • Document when the "improper argument" occurred and contact ECD Service.
  • ​I didn't receive the confirmation email after filling out the form to download M.O.L.E. MAP software, why?
    • Add to your email whitelist.
    • An Email message with a download link is sent from This email may get filtered into your Junk/Spam folder.
    • Some internet browsers and/or IT departments do not allow executable (.EXE) files to be downloaded. Try to download the alternative zip file (.ZIP).
  • How do I add a KPI parameter values to the table?

    Right-click a KPI template cell and a shortcut menu appears. Refer to the MAP Software Visual Tutorial

  • How do I set up a machine recipe?

    Set Machine Information command can be found on the Machine-Oven menu. Refer to the ECD MAP Software Tutorial

  • What is MAP?

    MAP is an ECD-specific acronym for “Machine, Assembly, Process”.

    • Machine = Reflow Oven
    • Assembly = Printed Circuit Board
    • Process = The thermal “profile” specified by the Solder Paste manufacturer for proper reflow.

    At ECD, we believe it our mission to help the Process Engineer to: “Optimize … Machine, Assembly and Process”, and so have named our new line of software to reflect that critical blending.

  • What are the KEY new benefits of MAP software?

    Simple: It's EASY-to-USE, it's Flexible and it's ROBUST

    • EASY-TO-USE: Our user modes and wizards will help you get started quickly, even if you are a beginner or an infrequent user. Two user modes "engineer" and "verify" allow for the simplifying of job functions. With 5 Wizards that model the most likely reflow work flows, you can get up and running in no time. These Wizards help you set up and display data easily.
      • Auto-detects your plugged-in M.O.L.E.® type to perform basic tasks like checking MOLE status before a run and downloading a profile without opening the full program
      • 5 Start Wizards: Our wizards will get you up and running in no time:
      • Target-10™ provides:
        • A clear and powerful Green/Red “Go / No-Go” result indication on the M.O.L.E. itself
        • Analog gauges in MAP for intuitive 'quick glance' data interpretation
      • Improved Navigation and File Sharing
        • Quickly get back to your previous session with links to your recent profiles and directories on the MAP Welcome screen.
        • Share multiple .mdm and .xmg profiles outside your intranet with the new bulk import feature. Convert old SMG Workbooks into new MAP Directories too.
      • Interactive Prediction A great assist for recipe development means you can make quick adjustments to a profile just made or any run in any MAP Directory. Use the conveyor speed slider and drag zone temperatures against a backdrop of temperature curves and paste spec polygons or Target 10 gauges and ´move the needles to green´ to make the Machine best match the Assembly and Process for that perfect reflow recipe.
    • ROBUST:
      • MAP Process Documentation Documentation Complete with Oven and Solder Paste Databases you can easily add to, Preferences can be set once or customized to various product and production lines.
      • M.O.L.E Status A quick pre-flight check makes it easy to avoid a wasted run. Knowing of a broken thermocouple, a discharged battery, or full memory in advance saves you time and effort

    Click here to learn more about M.O.L.E.® MAP

  • What if I have more than one computer that needs the software?

    MAP software can be installed as much as you like but you need to register MAP Software on all PC

  • Are old SMG (.MDM) file compatible with MAP?

    Old SMG SPC (v5.22C) and earlier .MDM files may be imported into the MAP software and operated upon, however, MAP files are not usable by SMG SPC (v5.22c) or earlier version software.

    Also…MAP has the ability to import Profiles from other profiling software that has a “text-export” feature.

  • Why should I upgrade to a M.O.L.E.® MAP software?

    To take advantage of the following unique features, available from neither SMG SPC (v5.22c), nor in general from competitive product:

    • “Wizards” – simplify for 1st- time users, and infrequent (rusty) users
    • “Target 10-OK” - one-color “goodness” test for Operators + diagnostics for Engrs/Techs
    • Customizable Data (measures) extraction:
      • *M-A-P’s Complete profile process documentation; a thorough record the HOW of a process
      • “MOLE Status”; a quick pre-flight check makes it easy to avoid a wasted run
  • Is there a Viewer for other users to read data?
    • Data/graphics/set-up configurations can be quickly formatted into a single page report template, and then printed as a .pdf file for e-mail attachment.
    • One-button Excel export feature allows all data tabs to easily be sent to MS Excel
  • Why Thermal Profiler Calibration Is Important and When

    Calibration of electronic measurement instruments is a necessary process, even though most electronic equipment is very stable and somewhat “resistant” to the effects of environment and changes due to aging.

  • MOLE Talk

    Yes I know, I’m ripping off the Car Talk radio program name, the truly funny call-n show where two well educated brothers have the best of fun giving advise (correct for the most part) to their call-in victims about everything from car repairs to personal relationships. If you’ve not heard the program, find your local NPR radio station and check it out. And also, I’m following on the heels of Board Talk, a web based collection of questions and answers by two respected members of the electronic assembly community who do a nice job (in a “Car Talk” like format) of answering many common questions submitted by followers of the Circuitmart web based electronic assembly resource.

  • Diverse Needs, Diverse Solutions – We’ve got an App for That!

    How many different MOLE profilers and Test Pallets does it take to monitor a reflow solder machine? It depends on who you are and why you are monitoring it? We just want to make sure there are as many tools as there are reasons for running a thermal profile. Here are a few good reasons:

  • The Fastest Way to Know Your profile is “OK”

    Now there is a way to verify that your profile requirements are being met in less time than you ever thought possible. The letters in the name M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler have always stood for Multi-channel Occurrent Logger Evaluator. Now the patented* "OK button" feature truly makes "E" in M.O.L.E. a reality, because now the MOLE profiler can automatically compare the measured temperature profile to your pre-programmed profile requirements.

  • Verifying Wave Solder Machines using a WaveRIDER®

    Much of what takes place in a Wave solder machine boils down to 4 basic measurements: (see Figure 1)

  • Heat Flow Happens

    An often misunderstood concept is heat flow and how it can influence the temperature of the product being heated so here is Wikipedia’s definition of heat flow, followed by a discussion of our own on the subject.

  • GR&R as it applies to ECD products – OvenCHECKER™, OvenRIDER®, WaveRIDER® and MEGARIDER®

    Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) studies are designed to show the amount of variation certain portions of the measurement system contribute to the total variation in measurement, often expressed in percent. There are many ways and products available to help you calculate these numbers, which range from a piece of graph paper to full blown software packages costing 1000s of dollars.

  • Oven Verification using OvenRIDER®

    A good Thermal Quality Program (ThQM) demands consistent oven verification to show that the reflow oven is reproducing the same thermal environment as it has in the past. The OvenRIDER is a good way to verify oven performance. How do you make best use of these tools, both the OvenRIDER pallet and the OvenRIDER SPC (ORSPC) software?

  • Unusual Component Lead Contamination

    We suspect the issue visible on the attached image is due to contamination on this component lead. We only see this issue on one component type, and only on one side of the component.

    Here is one possible cause to check on before you apply the failure to the component.

  • Total Heat – Another way to analyze your thermal profile

    One of the most popular ways to determine if a thermal profile of an electronic assembly is within specification is to consider the limits placed on four measurements or parameters: Initial Ramp Slope, Soak time, Time Above Liquidus and Peak temperature. Keep these four parameters within the specified (solder paste) limits and you can be assured that you are soldering the parts without damaging them.

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