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ECD Thermal Profiling for Electronics Manufacturing

Temperature and time are variables in PCB soldering that must be tightly controlled for a good outcome. It’s a balancing act, indeed. PCB assemblies have to be processed at a high enough temperature for a long enough period of time to form good solder joints, but overshooting the temperature or heating the assembly too quickly can damage components. Of course, insufficient heat also has detrimental results which can cause poor soldering and long-term reliability issues.

The only way to get time and temperature just right is to measure and analyze. That’s what ECD does best. Our 50+ years of innovative product development has yielded the most comprehensive portfolio of Thermal Profiling technology tools to ensure that electronics thermal processes are in control.

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Thermal Profiling Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) profiling tools are used to create a repeatable thermal process that meets the specifications required by the solder paste and/or component manufacturers. Only through proper profiling can the actual component temperatures within a reflow soldering process become known. There are two major objectives for thermal profiling:

  1. Determine the correct process settings – also known as an oven recipe – needed to meet component and solder requirements for a specific PCB assembly. The correct process settings (oven recipe) needed to meet the requirements of the components and solder for a given assembly.
  2. Verify process consistency for repeatable results.

Process Verification

Process repeatability can be easily verified by the production operator through the use of tools that are fit for purpose.

Process verification tools

Machine Quality Management

Once a reflow oven recipe is developed, Machine Quality Management tools, profile the machine (as opposed to the PCB). Keeping a machine in spec is just as important as developing the right board profile. ECD’s MQM tools are ease to use and deliver data that shows the repeatability/capability of the machine.

Continuous Product Quality Monitoring

To ensure maximum product quality, real-time continuous monitoring offers ongoing detailed product information, including:





Time Above

Max Slope

Conveyor Speed

Planning and automatic setup tools

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