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Thermal Profiling Solutions

Electronic Controls Design Inc. (ECD) covers a lot of ground in industry of Electronics, Baking, Solar, and Industrial Application.

Electronics Industry - PCB Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing

ECD manufactures a variety of instruments to assist you in accurately monitoring the time and temperature variables in your electronics manufacturing processes.

Industrial Baking - Loaf Conveyor

Commercial Baking

BakeWATCH® kits take in-transit M.O.L.E.® thermal profiling expertise to the Professional Baker with dedicated thermal barriers, thermocouples and specialized sensors. These technologies exclusively address the quality, throughput, new variety R&D and food safety requirements of bakeries to enable competitiveness and enhanced profitability

Solar Industry - Solar Panels

Solar Industry

Time temperature profiling at the wafer can significantly increase your understanding of critical process parameters that directly impact cell efficiency; Temperature Ramp Rate, Hold Time (Dry Time), Time above Temperature, Peak Temperature and cooling rates.

Industrial Industry - High Temperature Application

Industrial and Process Heating

Measurement and Control of the Time/Temperature process to the yield, quality and throughput of most every manufacturer or producer of sold goods. Innovation through R&D also relies heavily upon thermal process data analysis to optimize a company's reputation as well as profitability.

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