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Match Solder Paste Specifications and Oven Configurations to Provide Robust Process Profiles...

The Profile Planner is an Microsoft® Excel Workbook Application that allows you to match Solder Paste specifications and Oven specifications. You can then see the Profile that will be generated and how well it will conform to the paste manufacturers specification. From the introduction screen you can:

  • Add a Paste
  • Add an Oven
  • Select an Oven and Paste combination and see the Profile
  • Navigate to key areas on ECD's web site

Covered under U.S. Patent No. 6,799,712

Thermal Profile Planner Screenshot

Datasheet & Documents



  • Email
  • Phone


  • Email
  • Phone

  • The tabs along the bottom allow you to navigate to the:
    • Solder Paste Specifications Database
    • Oven Configuration Database
    • Robust Profile Calculator
    • Robust Profile Graph
    • Instructions An abstract of Bob Rooks paper which is the foundation for the Profile Planner
  • The profile planner provides:
    • Time above liquidous
    • Best zone distribution between ramp, soak and spike regions
    • Printed solutions, and paste profiles
    • Ramp rates, soak and dwell times


Software Media: Internet Download
PC System: Pentium class PC
PC Software: Microsoft® Excel 2003 or higher
Operating System: MS Windows 2000 or higher
Display: 768 x 1024 Recommended
Seats: Unlimited PC Installation


Profile Planner - Add a Paste

Add a Paste

Profile Planner - Add an Oven

Add an Oven

Profile Planner - Plan a Profile

Plan a Profile

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