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What are Thermocouples?
Thermocouples are made when two conductors (wires) of different metals (alloys) are connected together to form a junction. This connection between the two conductors is typically made by melting the two conductors together using a torch or a flash welding process. The size of the thermocouple is usually specified by the size of the two conductors instead of the junction size formed where the conductors are melted together. The junction size is typically 2.5 times the wire diameter. Since the junction can vary somewhat, it is not the best way to specify the thermocouple size. Wire size is the best determinant.

ECD Thermocouple Solutions
All of our thermocouples have been specifically designed and tested for use in thermal profiling. We offer a wide range of thermocouples, whether you are in electronic product manufacturing, industrial food process applications such as baking or in high temp annealing.

ECD Thermocouples


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  • Available in a wide variety of insulation types and temperature ratings to suit your application
  • We stock and can supply a full range of K-type thermocouples with PFA (Teflon®), glass, glass with overbraid and stainless/inconel sheath in your length and wire diameter
  • Micro, Nano and Mini connector styles available
  • ECD sells only special-limits-of-error grade thermocouple wire
  • Maintain the integrity of your measurements by replacing thermocouples at the first sign of nicks, kinks or severed junction
  • Can be selected and purchased on our SuperStore


Compatibility: SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2, V-M.O.L.E.® and MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 & Legacy Profilers
Insulation Types:
  • Teflon
  • Kapton®
  • Fiberglass
  • SSOB
Temperature limits:
  • Teflon: 260ºC (500ºF)
  • Kapton®: 316ºC (600ºF)
  • Fiberglass: 482ºC (900ºF)
  • SSOB: Same as the conductor insulation
Sensor: Type K
Wire Lengths:
  • Standard: 915mm/3ft
  • Custom: Contact ECD
Special Limits of Error: Less than ± 1.1° C (Per ANSI MC 96.1)
  • Special Limits of Error (SLE) thermocouples as defined by: ISA-MC96.1-1982 Temperature Measurement Thermocouples (Section 3; Page 22; Table 8 refers)


Standard Kits Photo Part Number Superstore
Set of 6, Type K, Glass Braid, Color-Indexed,
36-AWG [.005”/.127mm], 3ft/915mm, (900F/482C)
Set of 3, Type K, Glass Braid, Brown,
36-AWG [.005”/.127mm], 3ft/915mm, (900F/482C)
5 Piece Thermocouple Kit, Type K, Glass Braid, Color-Indexed,
36-AWG [.005”/.127mm], 3ft/915mm, (900F/482C)
Accessories Photo Part Number Superstore
Thermocouple Attachment Kit E49-0825-31
Aluminum Thermocouple Tape Strips (0.5" x 1") M30-2686-74
High-Temp Solder, 6' length G10-0041-00


Thermocouple Construction

Thermocouple Insulation Types

Thermocouple Attachment

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