Coupon Replacement

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Coupon Replacement

RIDER Coupon Replacement

To install a replacement RIDER coupon, the old or damaged coupon must first removed. Use the following steps to remove and replace the coupon:

1)Unplug the Male Type “K” thermocouple connectors from the female connectors.
2)Loosen the coupon guides by unscrewing the four black screws.


It is recommended to clean the accumulation of flux that may have built up in the coupon support groove.

3)Slide the replacement coupon assembly into the bottom coupon support grove.
4)Replace the coupon guides and align them with the coupon support holes.
5)Place the four screws in the holes and tighten them snugly.
6)Plug the three Type “K” male coupon thermocouple connectors into the three Type “K” female coupon thermocouple connectors.