Expert Matrix

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Expert Matrix

If the WaveRIDER® NL 2 has detected a problem during the data collection process, the Expert Matrix is designed to guide the Operator (Expert) to trouble-shoot potential causes that may have been discovered while interpreting the data printout. The kit includes an Expert Matrix to be used in conjunction with the WaveRIDER Data worksheet in the software to help diagnose and correct soldering problems caused by solder machine setup or malfunction.


There are three main areas on the expert guide:

Problem (1): This column is used to indicate the wave solder machine problem.

Potential Cause (2): This is a list of potential machine causes.

RIDER Parameter (3): This column is a list of information the RIDER supplies on the printout that correlates to the potential cause.


The numbers assigned to the Potential Causes are on a scale of 1-3. (1) Low impact on that particular cause and (3) would mean that it has a High impact.

Interpreting the Expert Guide:

Example problem: Use the troubleshooting Expert’s Guide shown below.




In the example, Solder Bridges is the problem that has been detected.


The next step is, follow the row to the right. Now determine the potential cause that best fits the problem. In the columns, there are impact numbers rated 1,2 or 3. These impact numbers help the user to decide which potential cause is most important to the problem. There is a legend on the Expert Guide, 3 = High Impact, 2 = Moderate Impact, and 1 = Low Impact. Now read and sort out the potential causes that best fit the problem. In the example, the solder bridges row has several columns with impact numbers. All the probable causes should be read and the highest potential cause that was selected is in the next step.




Conveyor speed to slow…….Increases dwell time in solder wave.


Once the potential cause has been determined, continue following the column down to the rows with impact numbers.

If there are no impact numbers in the WaveRIDER parameter rows, the WaveRIDER cannot assist the user in this area.


Now read all the WaveRIDER parameters that have impact numbers. Once the problem WaveRIDER parameter has been determined, correct adjustments can be made. In the example, there are several impact numbers and the one that has been selected is in the next step.




It is determined that the Conveyor Speed best indicates the likely cause and the proper adjustments should be made.