Operators Safety Information

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Operators Safety Information

The safety information in this section is for the benefit of operating personnel. Warnings and Cautions will also be found throughout the manual where they apply.


Hardware changes or modifications to the components are not expressly approved by ECD and could void the warranty of the product.


The warranty will not cover damage caused by neglect or abuse of this product. To maintain the safety features incorporated in this product, operation must be in strict compliance with the requirements specified herein.

For protection of the components, observe the following:


NEVER permit the VaporWATCH® to exceed the specified operating temperature range 0- 50°C [32° to 122°F] as permanent damage may result. (Refer to Appendix A: Specifications).

NEVER operate the VaporWATCH® in flammable or explosive atmospheres. Such usage constitutes a fire or explosion risk.

NEVER immerse the VaporWATCH® in liquids.

NEVER subject the VaporWATCH® to sharp impacts.

NEVER excessively stress the interface or extension cable.

NEVER expose the VaporWATCH® and components to corrosive environments.

ALWAYS charge the “Re-chargeable” battery using only the ECD approved charger.