Bake S-Curve Data Table

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Bake S-Curve Data Table

The Bake S-Curve Data Table is specialized for baking applications. The user specifies requirements for the profile Start Temperature, Yeast Kill%, Gelatinization, Arrival % and Exit Temperature.


Bake S-Curve features:

1)Process Parameters: Five standard process parameters that are displayed in the Data Table. These parameters are Start Temperature, Yeast Kill%, Gelatinization, Arrival % and Exit Temperature.
2)Parameter Values: Actual values derived from the current data run.
3)Threshold Y-Ref Lines: Threshold Temperature (Y) Reference lines are colored horizontal lines that are positioned within the Temperature (Y) scale in the graph. These are set by the user by right-clicking the the process parameter along with Upper and Lower limits. The Upper and Lower Limits values are also displayed at the bottom of the Data Table.
4)S-Curve Indicators: These indicators display the Parameter Values for each process Parameter at the exact location of the event on the Data Graph. To view each channel place the mouse cursor over the desired channel and the Data Graph will display the Parameter Values for that channel.
5)Coldest Channel Indicator: The software highlights in blue the channel that took the longest time to get to the specified Yeast Kill Threshold Temperature.
6)Channel Check Boxes: The Channel check boxes control whether the associated Data Plot is displayed on the Data Graph. These are useful when trying isolate a specific channel.
7)Assembly Image: This is a thumbnail image of the user selected Sensor Platform associated with the currently displayed data run. To view the sensor locations, right-click over the image and select the Enlarge command.