Spreadsheet Template

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Spreadsheet Template

The Spreadsheet Page Tab is built using a template file (*.TSH) overlaid on a cell grid. Columns after the Data Run and User Parameter Groups allow the user to define parameters using the Template commands. To view the template use the horizontal scrollbar to slide the  template left.



The Spreadsheet  template is automatically loaded every time the software is started and is used as the default template for every downloaded data run.  This template file is specified on the Spreadsheet Page Tab of the Preferences dialog box. Refer to topic Spreadsheet for more information.

For reference, the file name for the loaded template appears in the lower left corner of the template grid.


To display Template commands:

Important Information

This is available when in Engineer Mode.

1)Move the mouse pointer over a parameter label.
2)When the mouse pointer becomes a Calculation Wizard Cursor, right-click and a shortcut menu appears.


Template commands can also be accessed on the View menu. Refer to topic View Menu for more information. To add or edit a calculation refer to topic Add & Edit Content for more information.


3)You can now select from the template commands.


Visual Tutorial

Visual Tutorial: