Process End

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Process End

When a Machine Model is defined for the displayed Thermal Profile, the Process End is attached to the end of the last Machine Model Zone which indicates where the process ends. If no Machine model is defined the software places the Process End at the very end of the Thermal Profile.


If the Machine Model Conveyor Speed is not accurate, the user can stretch or compress the oven to properly proportion the Machine Model over the Thermal Profile to best represent the model on the Data Graph.


By adjusting the Process End, it does not change any defined Machine Model zone dimensions just proportions the model in time (by adjusting the conveyor speed).

Process Origin

To move the Process End:

1)Position the mouse pointer over the Process End.
2)When the mouse pointer becomes a mouse_pointer_(aero_split), click and hold the left mouse button to drag it left or right releasing the mouse button at the desired location.


Conveyor speed is automatically adjusted when the Process End is moved.