Workspace Features

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Workspace Features

This section presents an overview of the software workspace. When the software is started, it automatically defaults to the previously open Environment. Refer to topic Open Environment Folder for more information.

Important Information

After installation, the software is started a with the sample Environment Folders with files will be selected for users to familiarize themselves with the program. It is recommended when the user starts collecting process data, a new or exiting Environment Folder should be used.

The software offers several features as described in the following section.


ŒTitle Bar: This bar contains the program name, version, and the open Environment Folder.
Menus: These menus contain the commands and tools for all Page Tab Views. Each Page Tab View may contain different commands that supply specific support. Individual menus are described in detail in their specified sections. Refer to topic Menus and Tool Commands for more information.
ŽToolbar: The Toolbar has buttons to serve as shortcuts to the menu commands. Individual toolbar buttons are described in detail in their specified sections of this manual. Each Page Tab View may have different items on the toolbar because of the different features offered.
Environments: The folders that contain data run (.XMG) files and all the needed support files for that Environment folder.
Page Tab Views: These tabs are used to gain access to each Page Tab View.
Split Bar: This bar slides the Horizontal Scroll bar to the left or right so all or part of the page tabs can be viewed.
Status Bar: This bar on the bottom of the display, shows the status of the M.O.L.E. Profiler Power Pack battery,  Internal operating temperature, connected COM Port, available Help information, mouse pointer X-Y position, current date and time.
Scroll Bars: These bars scroll the display horizontally and vertically.
AutoPlay: This feature offers quick access to the M.O.L.E.® MAP software.