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The Crop tool allows the user to save a portion of the data run profile that eliminates unwanted portions from it.  This crop tool only works for the Time (X) Scale which allows the user the ability to remove portions from the front and back of the data run profile.


Important Information

This is available when in Engineer Mode.


To crop a data run profile:

1)On the Tools menu, click Crop.
2)Position the mouse pointer on any area of the Data Graph you want to start the crop.
3)Press and hold the left mouse button down, then drag the pointer horizontally to the left or right. An outline of the box appears as you drag indicated by dashed line that appears at the start point.


4)Release the left mouse button when the pointer is at the desired location. The software prompts the user to save the  cropped data run file (.XMG).


When saving a cropped data run file, the software allows the user to save as the existing file name or give it a different one. This helps preserve the original data run.


Once the cropped data run has been saved, it Autoscales to properly appear in the Data Graph.