Set Temperature (Y) Scale

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Set Temperature (Y) Scale

This command controls the scale of the Temperature (Y) axis on the Data Graph.

Important Information

This is available in both Engineer & Verify Modes.

To use the scaling command:

1)On the Profile menu, click Set Temperature (Y) Scale. This dialog box identifies the current settings of the displayed units and the maximum and minimum values.
2)Select between Auto or Manual mode. In Auto mode, the software selects the scale of the Y-Axis to ensure all Data Point values and the highest Zone temperature settings are visible in the Data Graph. In Manual mode, the range of values must be. manually set


3)Click the OK command button to use the settings or Cancel to quit the command.


The software allows the ability to include recipe values when using the Autoscale feature. Instead of automatically scaling the Data Graph to the data run profile, it scales it to include the recipe values along with profile so the data will always be visible and easy to work with.

Feature Shortcut Cursor

This command can also be accessed by double-clicking the scale on the Data Graph.