Open Environment Folder

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Open Environment Folder

The M.O.L.E.® MAP software is a data run manager. The software does not store data run files (.XMG) it allows the user to save them in an file folder of their choice. This can be useful to store data runs in different directories based on M.O.L.E. Profiler or Sensor Platform.

Important Information

This is available in both Engineer & Verify Modes.

To open a Environment Folder:

1)On the File menu, click Open Environment Folder.


2)Navigate to the location where the data run files (.XMG) are located.
3)Click the Open command button to select the directory and Open again to select it.

Important Information

When opening an Environment folder or a folder with data run (.XMG) files, all the needed support files for that Environment folder builds/copies all the needed support files from the Sample folder of the of the same Environment type currently selected.


This command can be accessed on the Toolbar.


Open Working Directory button

Open Environment folder button