Constructing a Thermocouple

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Constructing a Thermocouple

The following procedures describe how to construct a thermocouple and a shorting plug.


Thermocouple construction:

The following items will be needed to construct a Thermocouple:

Thermocouple assembly which includes: 1 Thermocouple housing, 3 Hardware Screws and 2 female pins (one marked with a green dot and one marked with a white dot).

A Thermocouple consisting of one yellow and one red wire. (Maximum T/C wire size 24 gauge).

Thermocouple crimping tool

Phillips (Crosshead) Screwdriver

Construct a thermocouple as follows:

1)Disassemble the Thermocouple housing by unscrewing the 3 Hardware screws.
2)Separate the wires on the stripped lead end (opposite junction end) about ¾”.
3)Prep the Red (-) T/C wire stripping the wire casing about 0.10” and curling the bare wire into a U-shape. Place it into the T/C pin with the green dot and crimp with the T/C crimping tool. Make sure that the wire covering is clear through the first set of shoulders and crimped by them. Also, be sure that only wire is crimped by the second shoulders.

T/C Crimping

4)Repeat Step 3 for the Yellow (+) wire by placing it into the T/C pin with the white dot.
5)Place the female pins in the bottom (smaller) half of the Thermocouple housing. Be careful to place the pins in the proper pin location.

T/C Strain Relief

6)Wrap the red and yellow wires around the strain relief posts as shown in the Figure above.
7)Carefully place the two halves of the Thermocouple housing together. Verify that the wires are not pinched and that the pin and wire positions are correct.

T/C Assembly

8)Replace the 3 Hardware screws.