USB Driver

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USB Driver

If the installed USB driver for the M.O.L.E.® Profiler is lower than version 5.3.0, it is recommended that it is updated using the following procedure.


Update USB drivers:

1)Run the driver installation file “CP210x_VCP_Win2K_XP_S2K3.exe” located in folder: \ECD\MOLEMAP\utility.
2)Follow the InstallShield wizard steps.


3)Click the Next command button.


4)Select the Accept radio button then click the Next command button.


5)Click the Next command button to accept the installation folder.


6)Click the Install command button to start the installation.


7) Select the Launch checkbox and then click the Finish command button.


8)Click the Install command button.


9)Restart the computer.
10)Once the computer has restarted, insert the USB computer interface cable into the Data/Charging Port.

11) Launch the Device Manager. To access, right-click My Computer, click Manage, and then click Device Manager.


12)Check the driver version by selecting Ports, right-click CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller then Properties.


13)Once the driver property manager is displayed, select the Driver tab. If the driver version is 5.3.0 or greater, the USB driver has been properly updated.