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Wave Riding made Easy

Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Wave Riding made Easy

Even though it’s summer, we’re not talking about “Hang 10” kinds of waves. We’re talking about that often-challenging wave soldering procedure; admittedly maybe not as thrilling but equally important – at least if you are a process engineer that wants high-yield products!

It’s true: the wave soldering process can be one of the toughest automated soldering procedures to set up. That’s why ECD developed WaveRIDER® NL 2. This device is hands down the most simple and effective tool for verification of the wave soldering process. WaveRIDER NL 2 measures numerous parameters and enables perfect repeatability. Pre-heat temperatures, conveyor speed, wave heights, contact times and parallelism are all measures and monitored. It’s that simple.

Maybe with WaveRIDER NL 2, you’ll have more time for those “Hang 10” kinds of waves!

Learn more about WaveRIDER NL 2.

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