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Total Traceability is Here!

Posted on Mar 08, 2018

Continuous monitoring, total traceability and true reflow profile confirmation were on show last week at APEX, as ECD successfully debuted its new OvenSENTINEL™ technology. Delivering one true profile of the PCB’s entire journey through the reflow system, OvenSENTINEL’s dynamic process measurement capability ensures traceability down to the board and profile specification level. For high reliability applications, OvenSENTINEL offers the most robust monitoring, data generation and reporting to maximize yields and profitability.

If you weren’t able to see OvenSENTINEL at APEX, don’t worry. ECD’s online demo schedule will be announced soon! And, for those of you who are ready to sign on to total traceability, continuous process monitoring, unlimited scalability, Industry 4.0 capability and data generation galore, pre-order your OvenSENTINEL system now and be among the first to enjoy its benefits when released in early Summer 2018.

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