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This M.O.L.E.’s for you!

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

No matter what the application, there’s a M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler to satisfy your requirements – from standard SMT to extremely complex assemblies. As the developer of the first in-transit thermal profiling system over 30 years ago, ECD has continued to innovate and deliver leading-edge software, new M.O.L.E. designs and maximum capability. Today, our portfolio of M.O.L.E. systems is the industry’s most trusted, with a broad selection of products for varying manufacturing environments.

From three channels to 20, ECD’s M.O.L.E.s offer process flexibility and maximum yield:

V-M.O.L.E.®: Value and verification are the foundation of the easy-to-use V-M.O.L.E. profiler, which prioritizes simplicity in a system that delivers full-featured capability. Hot, cold and sensitive component data is measured to verify PCB profile performance and confirm proper oven settings.

SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2: Six channels of powerful profiling performance are packed into ECD’s most popular M.O.L.E. system. Huge memory capacity and broad functionality allow for on-the-fly process adjustments in real-time, profile safeguarding (never lose a profile), and long battery life for all day profiling. There’s no easier way to ensure excellent yields!

MEGAM.O.L.E. 20: Big boards with high value and intricate designs need big capability. Over 20 channels of data make MEGAM.O.L.E. 20 the premiere thermal profiling system for complex, high-value board characterization and demanding R&D activities. Multiple thermocouple placements deliver the most complete view of thermal performance. The comprehensive data set offers the ability to customize extraction of information to pinpoint critical parameters and deliver the optimized product outcomes.

All MOLEs are powered by ECD’s robust M.A.P software and supported by our award-winning service organization.

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