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Product Announcement - OvenSENTINEL™

Posted on Dec 04, 2019

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Global SMT & Packaging



APEX Booth # 1541

OvenSENTINEL™ is the latest SMT assembly process innovation from ECD.  Far more than conventional oven oversight, OvenSENTINEL is a scalable system that offers continuous process monitoring for superior product quality.  Extreme control and visibility – down to the in-process zone, board and profile specification level – allows isolation of issues and analysis of any potential yield infringement event to maximize known good PCB output.   Completely customizable with user-specified dashboards and flexible data extractions, OvenSENTINEL allows assembly specialists to zoom in at a micro-level for detailed PCB oversight or view macro data for trend analysis and corrective intervention.  

Patented TrueProfile™ technology measures in-transit boards in real-time, tracking each PCB’s journey and oven response through the reflow process.  This is dramatically different and far more effective than conventional systems that simply measure board data at the beginning and end of a run and make assumptions about their temperature exposure.  Unlike competitive products that only assess temperature and conveyor speed, OvenSENTINEL measures all aspects of the reflow process that may impact quality and reliability.

Unique Attributes:
  • Extended sensor network ensures precise, multi-factor measurements that go well beyond temperature and conveyor speed to provide valuable data that allows isolation of PCBs based on their actual in-oven experience, rather than assumptive models.
  • Integration with ECD MAP Software offers expansive calculation capability with actionable data delivery.
  • SQL database makes data access transparent and compatible with most major MES systems.

Organizational Advantages:

  • Significant improvements in yield through granular approach to defective PCB isolation.  Only boards that experience an excursion – as opposed to all boards in the oven – will be marked as defective.
  • Reduced operational and potential recall costs through extreme traceability and reporting.
  • In initial BETA testing, OvenSENTINEL effectively error-proofed the reflow process for a large automotive supplier, delivering poka-yoke in accordance with LEAN protocols.


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