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Prediction makes Perfect

Posted on Aug 08, 2018

ECD develops and provides professional engineering tools to help you make better products - right from the start. When it comes to building high-reliability assemblies, having more information up front helps ensure higher yields.

Among other advantages such as deep analytics, ECD’s M.A.P. softwaredelivers exceptionally accurate interactive prediction capability. Quick adjustments to a profile or any run can be easily made, allowing the engineer to optimize solderability and reliability through reflow profile transformation. With this feature, better outcomes can be realized in as little as two runs.

MOLE MAP Software

Ramp, Soak, Spike Profile for lead-free process

MOLE MAP Software

Transformed straight Ramp to Peak profile

Save time and money while producing higher-quality products with ECD’s M.A.P. Software. Predict, produce and profit!

Download the latest M.A.P. Software version here.

Learn more about M.A.P.'s prediction feature and its many other benefits.

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