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New Technology Draws Big Crowds

Posted on Dec 05, 2017

The ECD team leveraged the recent Productronica event in Munich to debut its latest technology: OvenSENTINEL™ continuous process monitoring. It didn’t disappoint! The new, robust solution with a comprehensive approach was well-received by all who participated in product demonstrations throughout the show.

OvenSENTINEL is an evolutionary tool and illustrates ECD’s intense commitment to an innovative development pipeline. OvenSENTINEL’s massive capability and smart technology deliver:

  • Dynamic, adaptable measurement capabilities
  • Industry 4.0+ technology
  • Hands-off, automated thermal profiling
  • Full-featured traceability and process verification
  • Continuous quality monitoring for consistently high yields

If you weren’t able to make it to Munich, don’t worry. OvenSENTINEL will be center stage at the IPC APEX even in February 2018.

OvenSENTINEL™. Beyond’s Genius.™

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