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MSD Floor Life – Beware of “Studies”

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Floor Life Facts

As most assemblers know, once moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) are exposed to ambient conditions, the clock starts ticking on their floor life. Turning back time or resetting the floor life, so that parts are once again compliant with the latest J-STD-033D (just released in Q2 2018), is a function of effectively drying the parts. But beware the claims – so-called “studies” – about how this is achieved.

Some of this alleged “research” suggests that simply placing parts back into a dry atmosphere (dry storage cabinet) will dry out parts. Indeed, putting MSDs in a low RH environment will slowly reduce moisture content, but it is most certainly NOT an approved method for resetting the floor life. Baking parts per approved J-STD-033D methods is the ONLY approach compliant with the industry standard.

Intelligence that Makes the Grade

Fast Recovery

ECD SmartDRY Vs. Other competitors RH Recovery Rate

ECD’s insight and expert knowledge about the MSD J-STD requirements informed every part of the design of SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry Storage cabinets. It’s why we engineered in super-fast recovery of < 3 minutes, the option to BAKE parts while in the cabinet with our patented, J-STD-033D-compliant SmartBAKE™ technology and ensured 24/7 network accessibility – along with some pretty cool status lighting features, too.

Staying in Compliance


In short, SmartDRY’s objective is to keep parts dry so you don’t have to go through all the drying and baking and risking of component solderability. We’re not here to find parts drying shortcuts to resurrect floor life. But, if you do happen to exceed floor life, SmartDRY has the APPROVED (J-STD-033D) and BUILT-IN SmartBAKE technology to bake parts in accordance with the standard.

Don’t risk component solderability by following drying methods cited in supplier-sponsored “research”. Trust J-STD-033D procedures and SmartDRY!


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