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Improve Solder Scavenging of Large Area-array Sites

Posted on Aug 01, 2008

After BGA removal for repair, there typically is an excess of solder remaining on the board side, which can cause short circuits by bridging between adjacent joints and/or open circuits by preventing the complete collapse of all joints. It is imperative that the excess solder be removed to present a uniform surface across the site for proper component attachment, as BGA rework can be both time consuming and costly.

Using a multi-channel thermal profiler with a high sampling frequency and a high-power soldering iron, we show that the thermal uniformity across the pad array is improved when using ultra-wide tips, resulting in reduced process time and fewer thermal excursions for the PCB during the repair process.

We are not concerned with the component except in those rare instances where the component is to be reballed. In those cases, we can simply view the component as a smaller PCB, and repeat the scavenging process of choice.

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