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Getting the most out of your WaveRIDER®

Posted on Jun 15, 2016

ECD's WaveRIDER® NL 2 is the industry's easiest and most effective tool for tuning and robust performance facilitation of the wave soldering operation. Just like any advanced system, a little bit of WaveRIDER preventative maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring good wave soldering results and an extended product life.

Following these recommendations will help your WaveRIDER stay optimized for excellent performance:

  • Regular cleaning removes natural sensor oxidation and keeps pallet sensor response accurate.
    • Run the WaveRIDER pallet with fluxer on, remove the M.O.L.E. thermal profiler and put the WaveRIDER in the batch cleaner; OR
    • Clean the bottom-side pallet sensor with Isopropanol and a wire brush or steel wool pad prior to each run.
  • Always allow the WaveRIDER pallet to fully cool to room temperature before performing another run (placing the WaveRIDER in front of a fan between runs speeds the cooling process).
  • For aging and/or daily multi-use WaveRIDERS, monitor bottom-side sensors for thinning. If thinning is observed, extra care should be taken during cleaning. Any extremely thin or broken sensors can be replaced or repaired by ECD.

Maintain your WaveRIDER and you’ll maintain a high-yield wave soldering operation.

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