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ECD’s Recipe Generator underpins BTU’s Recipe Pro, Helps Land Industry Awards

Posted on May 12, 2016

ECD’s unique Recipe Generator feature in the M.O.L.E.® MAP software suite helps electronics assembly specialists quickly and easily establish an initial in-spec reflow oven profile. Pre-populated drop-down menus make selecting reflow oven model and solder paste type simple. Component density and board thickness information is then entered with the aid of visual cues. Once these three parameters are defined, the recipe is generated – it’s that easy.

Leveraging the power of Recipe Generator, BTU developed Recipe Pro, a customized software module within its Wincon™ operating system. Recipe Pro incorporates convection rate, which is a key heat transfer component for starting reflow recipes. The innovative and simplified approach to initial recipe generation has earned significant industry recognition. Recipe Pro, powered by ECD, has already won two industry awards – the SMT China Vision Award and the EM Asia Innovation Award -- in its first year.

Discover more about M.O.L.E. MAP software and the recipe generator feature. Learn more about BTU’s Recipe Pro.

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