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ECD’s Continuous Monitoring Technology makes Regional Debut at NEPCON China 2018, Industry-Leading Thermal Profiling and Oven Verification also on Show

Posted on Mar 24, 2018

March 21, 2018 – At the upcoming NEPCON China event, set to take place April 24 – 26 in Shanghai, thermal process characterization and verification leader ECD debuts its brand new continuous monitoring technology, OvenSENTINEL™, to the Chinese electronics market. Also on display are its M.O.L.E.® and OvenRIDER® technologies; the premiere tools for high-reliability, high-yield thermal processing results. Exhibiting with local distributor WKK in booth # 1H30, ECD invites show delegates to learn more about OvenSENTINEL, the full line of M.O.L.E. profilers, the latest M.O.L.E. MAP software and the newly-designed OvenRIDER NL2+.

“In today’s manufacturing environment where extreme precision, high reliability and total process control are the expectations, it is critical to ensure all systems are monitored, corrected and verified for optimal results,” says Todd Clifton, President and CEO of ECD. “Using trusted third-party sources to set thermal profiles, continuously monitor and confirm oven performance is essential to delivering margin-enhancing outcomes. This is, indeed, why today’s top electronics manufacturers rely on ECD.”

NEPCON Shanghai attendees will be among the first in the region to see ECD’s OvenSENTINEL innovation. A next-generation, scalable monitoring system designed to provide continuous oversight and customizable data analysis, OvenSENTINEL takes process oversight to a new level, providing true traceability for high reliability applications. Bypassing current market solutions, ECD’s monitoring technology delivers extreme control, customization, scalability, trend identification and in-process product visibility for high-yield, cost-effective results. While the first module is designed for reflow oven monitoring, the extensibility and robustness of the platform lends itself to supervision of various in-line processes.

In addition to OvenSENTINEL, NEPCON China visitors to the WKK booth can view the complete portfolio of M.O.L.E. thermal profilers – from the three-channel V-M.O.L.E. to the award-winning SuperM.O.L.E. Gold 2 to the powerhouse, 20-channel MEGA M.O.L.E. 20 – and speak to a technical expert about which tool is best suited to their manufacturing requirements. Demonstrations of the easy-to-use M.O.L.E. MAP software, which includes expansive functionality such as the simple in-spec preliminary recipe creator, Recipe Generator, will also take place at the WKK booth.

Electronics assemblers often carry out oven verification with the well-known “golden board” approach. ECD’s OvenRIDER NL2+, however, offers a superior and more robust method for confirming reflow oven performance. Using a “golden board” simply measures board conditions and isn’t a holistic picture of oven operation. OvenRIDER NL2+ authenticates true reflow oven performance as opposed to PCB measurements and is an important piece of the “trust but verify” approach required for high-yield processing. NEPCON China visitors familiar with OvenRIDER NL2+’s predecessor, OvenRIDER, may not be aware of the many recent enhancements that have been made available with the system and are encouraged to get a first-hand look at the redesigned features. These include: a higher temperature-rated pallet material of 280°C continuous, 300°C maximum for a longer pallet life; better optical sensor board detection; new sensor guards for reduction of inadvertent handling-related sensor damage; and, exchangeable process sensors for custom thermal sensors. Combined, these improvements deliver a higher-performance, more user-friendly solution.

All of the aforementioned ECD innovations will be available at WKK booth # 1H30 throughout the three days of NEPCON China 2018. To schedule an appointment, please send an e-mail to EH Lim 林英汉, ECD Asia Pacific Manager, at

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