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Discover OvenRIDER's New Look

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

OvenRIDER has always been an indispensable tool. Now, it's better than ever before!

At ECD we are constantly innovating and improving. That’s just how we roll! Our latest project has been a renovation of the popular OvenRIDER NL2, now known as the OvenRIDER NL2+. You may notice some cosmetic and functional changes on the outside, like a new pallet material and a much easier single-push lock/release cover latch. But, let’s face it. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The OvenRIDER NL2+ has all this and then some:

  • Higher temperature rated pallet material: 280°C continuous, 300°C maximum for a longer pallet life
  • Brighter color for better optical sensor board detection
  • Ambient sensor guards that reduce inadvertent sensor damage from handling
  • New thermal barrier cover latch for positive lid closure to reduce the risk of M.O.L.E.® profiler damage due to over temperature or mishandling
  • Exchangeable process sensors for custom thermal signatures

Order your OvenRIDER NL2+ today and you’ll see why we added the "+"
– it’s all that and more!

Learn more about the new OvenRIDER NL 2+

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