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SmartDRY… The Intelligent Choice

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

In just two years, ECD's SmartDRY has upended the dry storage market. The first dry cabinet to deliver Industry 4.0 capability, intelligent control and user interface systems, built-in bake functionality, super-fast recovery rates and unique status lighting, SmartDRY has added sophistication and cost-effectiveness to the component storage sector.

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When less is more.

Posted on Oct 05, 2016

ECD prides itself on providing customers with simplicity and choice; we recognize that not everyone needs the power of a 20-channel, or even a six-channel M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler. That's why we designed the V-M.O.L.E.®, because in many cases three channels are more than enough.

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Let's get together next week!

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Stop by booth #841 at SMTA International next week and visit with the ECD team. We'll be exhibiting with our representative, Technimark, and will showcase our advanced dry storage system, ECD SmartDRY™. Spend a few minutes with SmartDRY and learn about its super-fast recovery time, Industry 4.0 capability, unique lighting system and SmartBAKE technology.

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How much are you paying for component storage?

Posted on Sep 08, 2016

If you're not using ECD SmartDRY™ Intelligent Dry Storage™, you're probably paying too much! Alternatives like moisture barrier bags or nitrogen dry cabinets may seem cost-effective, but hard numbers tell the real story.

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See ECD SmartDRY™ at the SMTA Capital Expo & Tech Forum

Posted on Aug 24, 2016

The electronics industry is taking note of a new approach to storage of moisture-sensitive devices. Now you can see for yourself what the SmartDRY excitement is all about. ECD's SmartDRY Intelligent Dry Storage™ technology has forever changed the way manufacturers view dry storage. No longer is the dry cabinet a temple on the manufacturing floor only to be opened once per shift. With SmartDRY, you can actually USE your dry storage cabinet and access parts as many as 10-12 times per hour.

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ECD Personnel Announcement

Posted on Jul 06, 2016

Dear ECD Partners and Customers: As a company that prides itself on fostering personal and professional growth, ECD is delighted that we are able to continue to offer our team development opportunities, while ensuring that you receive the highest level of support and expertise.    In light of this, we are writing to inform you that the following personnel changes have been implemented:

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Getting the most out of your WaveRIDER®

Posted on Jun 15, 2016

ECD's WaveRIDER® NL 2 is the industry's easiest and most effective tool for tuning and robust performance facilitation of the wave soldering operation. Just like any advanced system, a little bit of WaveRIDER preventative maintenance goes a long way toward ensuring good wave soldering results and an extended product life.

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Baking MSD components isn't always required… but SmartDRY's got you covered if it is!

Posted on May 25, 2016

With SmartDRY's optional SmartBAKE feature, available on the SmartDRY SD-10 dry storage cabinet, component storage and bake functionality unite for all-in-one simplicity and safeguarding of components from re-exposure to humidity. With SmartBAKE, time-consuming and complex bake cycle calculations are eliminated, as the SmartBAKE feature automatically establishes J-STD-033-compliant bake times based on a component's MSL level, thickness and exposure time over floor life.

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ECD’s Recipe Generator underpins BTU’s Recipe Pro, Helps Land Industry Awards

Posted on May 12, 2016

ECD’s unique Recipe Generator feature in the M.O.L.E.® MAP software suite helps electronics assembly specialists quickly and easily establish an initial in-spec reflow oven profile. Pre-populated drop-down menus make selecting reflow oven model and solder paste type simple. Component density and board thickness information is then entered with the aid of visual cues. Once these three parameters are defined, the recipe is generated – it’s that easy.

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