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Learn why thermal profiling in electronics is important.

Accurate measurement of any process is the key to success. In electronics, thermal profiling is the only way to fully understand what is happening in the reflow soldering process.

This course will provide you with:

  • Review the basics of thermal profiling
  • Why profiling is important
  • What could happen if profiling is not regularly employed

Let us help you (thermal) profile better!

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What to Expect From This Course

5 Modules of Succinct Information

ECD’s thermal profiling course #1 is comprised of 5 Modules to introduce thermal profiling basics and fine-tune your understanding. Intentionally, the content has been honed to present the most important aspects needed for thermal profiling based on the pain points feedback participants supplied. So, thank you for your contribution to making this course a success. We hope you enjoy it.

Quick Question Before Each Module

Before the start of each Module, we ask you to answer one quick question. Your responses will help us customize and cater the course for future participants. We appreciate your assistance.

Delivered Weekly (we know you’re busy)

Each new Module will be emailed out weekly over the next five weeks to provide you a quick tutorial on the most important aspects of thermal profiling.

Can’t wait to review the next Module? Go for it. Links to progress to the next step are provided at the bottom of each Module, so you can choose to move through the course at your own pace.

Share the Knowledge

Do you know someone who would benefit from this course? At the end of each Module, click on the “share what you’ve learned” link to pass the course along to colleagues or industry peers. We encourage sharing and hope everyone can benefit.

We Welcome Your Feedback

At the end of the course we encourage you to complete a course survey. Your feedback will help to improve this course for others in the future.

Let us help you (thermal) profile better! Get started now!

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Thermal Profiling Course

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