The Data Graph

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The Data Graph

The Data Graph is a display that shows the data collected from the data run overlaid on a graph. The user can analyze and highlight various process features with the tools listed below.

Important Information

The features associated with the Data Graph can be used when in Engineer mode. They can only be viewed when in Verify mode.

Data Graph features:

1)Time & Temperature Scales
2)Data Plots
3)Process Origin
4)Process End
5)Conveyor Speed Indicator
6)Time Reference Lines
7)Temperature Reference Lines
8)Map Data
9)Machine Zones and Zone Sizes
10)Machine Zone Temperatures
11)Shortcut Menu


The Data Graph features are described in the sections that follow. Some of these features are also controlled using the appropriate menu options. Refer to Software>Menu and Tool Commands for more information.


Visual Tutorial

Visual Tutorial: