Time (X) & Temperature (Y) Scales

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Time (X) & Temperature (Y) Scales

The Data Graph displays both Time (X) and Temperature (Y) scales.

Important Information

According to the type of sensor that is associated with the displayed profile, the Temperature (Y) scale may display different a type of scale other than Temperature .

Time (X) Scale:

The horizontal Time (X) scale displays values data points collected. The user can select four different types of Time (X) scales. The scales are:

Point: The data points collected from the Process-Origin.

Time-Relative: Time measured from the Process-Origin

Time-Absolute: Time of day

Distance: Distance from the Process Origin (Meters, Centimeters, Feet or Inches).

Important Information

The Distance scale will not be accurate until an accurate conveyor speed is set.

Relative Time Scale


Relative Time Scale

Distance Scale



Points Scale

Absolute Time Scale


Temperature (Y) Scale:

The vertical Temperature (Y) scale displays the scale of the measured temperature. Lower values are at the bottom and higher values at the top.


The Temperature (Y) scale includes temperature labels on the left side of the graph. These temperatures divide the vertical scale up to four equal parts and are automatically scaled to fit the current Temperature (Y) scale limits. These units can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


The amount of displayed Temperature (Y) grid lines can be changed on the Profile tab of the Preferences dialog box. Refer to topic Profile for more information.



The software includes a powerful Autoscaling option to automatically scale the Data Graph so the data will always be visible and easy to work with.


The software automatically selects a range of values for the Temperature (Y) scale to ensure that all the data fits on the screen. The user can change the range of temperature values displayed by using the Manual mode. Refer to topic Temperature (Y) Scale for more information.


When the Magnify tool is used the Temperature (Y) scale will automatically scale to the temperatures viewed in the magnified window.


The software provides different methods to view Time (X) and Temperature (Y) values of any location on the Data Graph.

To view Time (X) & Temperature (Y) values:

The Time (X)/Temp (Y) Readout in the Status bar continuously displays both Time (X) and Temperature (Y) values at the location of the mouse pointer. Details of this feature are described in topic Software>Menus>View>Status Bar.

The Time (X) value at the position of a Time (X) Ref line is displayed in the Data Table if a Temperature value at Time Reference calculation is loaded in the Data Table template.