Data Plots

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Data Plots

The Data Plots in the Data Graph represent the data for each of the sensors connected to the M.O.L.E. Profiler. Each sensor is represented by a different color that corresponds to the color of its sensor location description in the Data Table.


A Data Plot in the Data Graph can be suppressed or restored at any time by clicking the channel check box with the corresponding sensor description in the Data Table. This allows the user to view any combination of the Data Plots or individually.


When two or more Data Plots overlap the same values, the Data Plots overwrite each other. For example, if the Data Plot that represents the sensor connected to channel 5 and channel 1 have the same value, the channel 5 Data Plot will only appear unless the user suppresses it.

When printing a Data Graph in black and white, suppressing one or more Data Plots is useful for clearing a view of a Data Plot that is obscured by others near it. The Notes tool can also be used to help identify each Data Plot. Refer to topic Notes for more information.