Updating the Paste Database

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Updating the Paste Database

The ECD Paste database file includes over 500 solder paste specifications. This database is used with all versions of the M.O.L.E.® MAP Software. Newer versions of this database are periodically released by ECD and can be downloaded from ecd.com.


To upgrade a paste database:

1)Download the Paste1.zip file from ecd.com to a temporary folder and unzip the Paste1.psp database file.


2)Navigate to your Environment folder and copy the Paste1.psp database file to the Process folder.


3)When you are prompted to decide which file you want to keep, select Copy and Replace.


Important Information

Each M.O.L.E.® MAP Environment includes a separate Paste1.psp database file. When updating a Paste1.psp file, you will need to add the new Paste1.psp file to each Process folder in all applicable Environments.

4)Upgrade process complete. The new paste database is now available to use.