Set Process Information

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Set Process Information

This command allows the user to set a process paste and display it on the Data Graph so the user can visually see how the data run profile lines up with the process specification.

Important Information

This is available when in Engineer Mode.


To set a process:

Important Information

When setting a process, this data will be applied to the currently selected data run only. Existing defined machine models may not accurately reflect your machine and are used as a starting template.

1)On the Process menu, click Set Process.
2)Select your process specification. Select a Paste from the database or previously created Target 10 Specification. If your Paste does not appear in the database list click the New command button to create a new one. Refer to topic Create new Paste for more information. Newer versions of this database are periodically issued by ECD and can be downloaded from Refer to topic Updating the Paste Database for detailed information.


When the user selects a paste from the database, they can use the radio buttons below the drop down box to filter and display only the user created pastes from paste database.

3)Choose the Profile Type (Ramp-Soak-Spike or Ramp-to-Spike). Ramp-Soak-Spike profile types are the only type allowed to be edited.



Once a process is selected, the specifications are displayed on the graph. The software also allows paste specification data to be viewed in a table view by clicking the Table command button.


4)Click the Notes command button if you would like to enter process paste documentation.


5)Click the OK command button to set the process, or Cancel to quit the command.


To view the process on the Data Graph, the Show on Profile settings must be enabled. Refer to topic Show on Profile for more information.


Visual Tutorial

Visual Tutorial: