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Get Started

The Get Started command is a blank state starting point where users can choose from five different M.O.L.E.® MAP workflows. A MAP workflow is a wizard of steps based on which option is selected which help guide a user.

Important Information

The dimmed workfows are associated with the Verify mode and can only be used when in Engineer mode.

Engineer Mode

Verify Mode



Important Information

If the Process menu and related Process information are hidden using the Show options on the Process tab in Preferences, the feature appears as shown.



Fresh Start: Start a new profile (data run) by entering Machine (oven), Assembly (board) and Process (Paste) information.

Tweak Existing: Start a new profile (data run) based on an existing profile.

Create Target 10 File: Create a Target 10 Specification using an existing profile (data run) or OvenCHECKER™.

Download Data: Start a new profile (data run) by downloading the M.O.L.E. Profiler.

Verify Process: Setup a M.O.L.E. Profiler to verify a process by presetting the OK button.


The Get Started command can be accessed on the Toolbar and Get Started dialog box.

Start Button

New (Start) button.