Charging the Power Pack

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Charging the Power Pack

Because the M.O.L.E. Profiler is powered by a rechargeable Power Pack, it is important that it is charged and operating properly prior to performing every experiment. When using a MEGAM.O.L.E.® 20 or SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold a spare removable Power Pack may be ordered so one is charging while the other one is being used.

To charge the Power Pack:

1)Remove the Power Pack by separating from the unit.


2)Plug the transformer end of the charger into a (60Hz 120VAC, in North America) or (230VAC) wall outlet and the connector end into the Power Pack.

Power Pack Battery Charge

Important Information

A completely discharged Power Pack takes about 14 hours to be fully charged.

3)When the charging cycle is complete, connect the Power Pack to the M.O.L.E. Profiler. When the Power Pack is first connected, the LED will flash once to indicate that the M.O.L.E. Profiler is ready to collect data. If the LED flashes more than once, a complete reset has occurred and the M.O.L.E. Profiler will need to be re-configured. (Refer to the software manual for detailed configuration information).

Important Information

The Power Pack can be charged continuously whenever the M.O.L.E. Profiler is not being used, however, if the M.O.L.E. Profiler is going to sit idle for five days or more, it should be removed from the charger.