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The SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold Profiler is compact and durable. One end has input connectors for attaching up to (6) sensors and the other end is the removable Power Pack. It also has a four-pin Data Port, Start/Stop button, and an Activity LED.

SuperM.O.L.E. Gold


Thermocouple/Inputs:This is where Type “K” or “S” Thermocouples and the optional Relative Humidity sensors are connected.

Start/Stop button: Allows the user to start and stop data collection.

Power Pack: Supplies power to the Profiler.

Data Port: Transfers data through the computer Interface cable to the computer.

Activity LED: Indicates state of the SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold Profiler.



LED Color


Power "ON"

Indicates Profiler is "ON" and recording data

Red (Flashing at log interval)

Power "OFF"

Indicates Profiler is not recording data

No illumination

Data Transfer

Indicates data is being uploaded or downloaded

Red (Steady Illumination)

Reset Complete

Indicates when a master reset has been occurred.

Red (Quick flashing 2 sec)