Communications Problems

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Communications Problems

“Instrument not responding” error message:

Try triggering the M.O.L.E. Profiler with the switch. If you cannot get the light to flash, you have a hardware problem with the M.O.L.E. Profiler itself.

If you can activate the M.O.L.E. profiler with the switch, check for the following:

Wrong computer Communication Port: Cable must be connected to which is selected using the Select Instruments command in the  software.

Conflicting use of COM Port: Perhaps some other software, such as a mouse driver, communications programs, or PDA is trying to use the same COM Port.

Computer Interface cable defective: Order spare or replacement cables from ECD, refer to the Service and Troubleshooting>How to Get Additional Help topic for your M.O.L.E. Profiler for contact information.

The software appears to be locked up when trying to communicate with the M.O.L.E. Profiler:

The USB driver may be faulty. Refer to USB Driver information for your M.O.L.E. Profiler.

USB Driver - MEGAM.O.L.E.®

USB Driver - V-M.O.L.E.®

USB Driver - SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2