OvenRIDER® NL 2+

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OvenRIDER® NL 2+

OvenRIDER® NL 2+ & legacy NL 2 profiles reflow oven capability, separating zonal temperatures from convection efficiency while verifying conveyor speed for a true picture of oven Lead-Free performance consistency. Ensuring oven capability for Lead-Free recipes is an important task, and OvenRIDER® NL 2+ is Lead-Free capable itself, with 50% more thermal capacity than the previous model and a low 0.91"/23.1mm clearance height above the chain conveyor.


Powered by SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 & Xpert Ready SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold, ECD's OvenRIDER® NL 2+ Reflow Oven Analysis System is THE alternative to profiling “golden boards” for first-off use. Built-In Statistical Process Control makes OvenRIDER® NL 2+ a superior quality assurance tool, and there are no thermocouples to attach. The patented OvenRIDER® NL 2+ utilizes a combination of thermal and position sensors to measure oven performance, delivering consistent color-coded data that can be used to identify trends [SPC implementation] and serves as a Go/No-Go indicator for the operator.