Communications Setup

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Communications Setup

Prior to operation the M.O.L.E. Profiler must be configured to properly communicate with the M.O.L.E.® MAP Software.

Important Information

The M.O.L.E.® MAP software must be installed prior to communications setup. (Refer to Software Installation for more information).

To connect the M.O.L.E. Profiler:

1)Insert the USB computer interface cable from the Dock Station into a computer USB Port.

M.O.L.E. Profiler Connection

2)Place the M.O.L.E. Profiler into the USB Dock Station, making sure that the two metallic contacts on the bottom of the M.O.L.E. Profiler are aligned with the contact pins on the USB Dock Station and that the M.O.L.E. Profiler is firmly seated.


Important Information

Typically the device drivers are already installed on Windows 7 & XP operating systems. In some cases the user will be required to manually install them.

3)Browse to the \DriverMMrH\Installer\ folder on the M.O.L.E.® MAP Software installation CD.


4)To install the device drivers on a 32-bit operating systems, double-click VCP_Driver_Installer.exe. For 64-bit operating systems, double-click VCP_Driver_Installer_x64.exe.

Important Information

Depending on your operating system security settings, a Security Warning dialog box may appear. Click the Yes command button to continue.






5)“VCP Driver Installer.exe” extracts DPInst.exe and driver files into a temporary folder then starts the installation wizard.




6)Click the Next command button.
7)The wizard starts device driver installation.


8)When the Installation has completed, select the Finish command button.



9)Start the software program by either double-clicking the M.O.L.E.® MAP software icon or selecting it from the ECD program sub-menu.

Start Program

10)On the M.O.L.E. menu, click the Select Instrument command.
11)Select the MEGARIDER™ PTP® instrument from the dialog box.


Important Information

If the software does not detect a M.O.L.E. Profiler, using the communication cable connect it to the computer and click the Scan for Instruments command button to search again. M.O.L.E.® MAP software allows multiple instruments to be connected to a computer at one time. Selecting the Scan for Instruments command button will detect all instruments and display them in the dialog box. If no instrument is detected the software displays all of the Demonstration thermal profilers to select from.

12)Click the OK command button to accept or Cancel to quit the command without selecting the instrument.
13)Turn the PTP® TX power by removing the On/Off Male Plug connector from the Female On/Off Power connector.