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Side Rider™

Profiling...Easier than Ever

Side Rider™, an expandable safety platform designed to carry a M.O.L.E.® or another manufacturers Profiler securely through belt-less reflow ovens that have very tight tunnel tolerances..

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Available in two basic pan designs. the standard 6.0" drop pan has a slightly lowered "nest" that holds the profiler assembly (profiler in its protective thermal barrier) securely just below the level of the oven chain, creating additional above rail top clearance of .374" (9.5 mm). This eliminates two large problems for rail only ovens with tight tunnel space; the profiler will not get stuck in the tunnel and it is impossible for the profiler to fall from the Side Rider™ and be damaged or destroyed in the oven as often happens using other types of carrier methods. The optional 5'.5" flat pan is for center rail support avoidance.

  • The Side Rider™ platform can be used alone for narrow rail widths or with an "Outrigger"; an expandable rugged, metal frame with scissors action extension. This extender may be used on only one side of the Side Rider™, or with one on each side of the Side Rider™ platform.
  • The Side Rider™ is easy to set up: adjust the rail width to the size of the board that will be used to set up the oven profile, instrument the board with the desired number of thermocouples attached to the profiler. Then place the M.O.L.E.® into its thermal barrier and the whole assembly fits securely into the recessed nest in the Side Rider™ platform. The profiler rides the rails securely behind the wired board. Safely profile and characterize the oven in only minutes.
  • The Side Rider™ is ruggedly designed and made of stainless steel for long life. With the Outrigger extension, it expands up to 8" (205 mm). The Side Rider™ is readily available and ships from stock. It is compatible for use with all profiling products.


Width adjustment range: 6.1 to 13.5 in (15.5 to 34.3 cm) one arm
7.2 to 21.02 in (18.28 to 53.4 cm) two arms
Profiler size range: Up to 5.125 in (13.0 cm) wide
Up to 11.38in (28.91 cm) long
Weight: 1.60 lb (725.7 gm)
Tray material: Stainless steel
Arm material: Clear hard anodized aluminum
Fasteners: Stainless steel

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Standard Kit Photo Part Number Superstore
• Side Rider™ Width-Adjustable Profiler Carrier (for oven conveyors) E42-7433-00
Includes the following:
  • Side Rider™ Instruction Sheet
  • Side Rider™ 6.0" Carrier

Accessories Photo Part Number Superstore
Expansion Arm for Side Rider™ E42-7433-30
5.5" Side Rider™ Flat Carrier M42-7433-51


Side Rider™ Application

Side Rider™ with Thermal Barrier

Side Rider™ Optional 5.5" Flat Tray

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