Process Origin

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Process Origin

The Process Origin is a gray vertical line at the left edge of the Data Graph that indicates where the assembly process starts. When Points or Distance units are being used for the Time (X) values, the Time (X) values to the left of the Process Origin are displayed as negative and those to the right as positive in the Time (X)/Temp (Y) Readout.

Process Origin

To move the Process Origin:

1)Position the mouse pointer over the Process Origin.
2)When the mouse pointer becomes a mouse_pointer_(aero_split), click and hold the left mouse button to drag it left or right releasing the mouse button when the Time (X) Reference line is at the desired location.


The X/Y Readout in the Status Bar indicates the true position of the Process Origin while it is being moving. After the mouse button is released, the X-Readout changes to zero at the Process Origin and displays negative numbers for X when the mouse pointer is moved to the left of the Process Origin.


Reference line values are automatically adjusted when the Process Origin is moved.

To display the distance of a conveyor process along the X-axis, adjust the Process Origin to the data point that was recorded at the start of the conveyor process. Now set the conveyor speed in the Oven Configure dialog box located in the Profile menu.